Bespoke Cigars are NOT sold in PuroExpress

Currently our brand does not have any presence in Cuba. A company called PuroExpress that deals with habanos goods had a line of cigars they originally called “Custom Made Cubans” they have now changed this line name and call it : Bespoke. We can only presume in order to capitalize on the reputation we have earned.

Our company did originally launch our Bespoke ( tailor made) brand in Cuba in the mid 1990s – but we have not made cigars from Cuba since 2007. Unfortunately there have been a few copycats during and since our production in Cuba. So to be clear the only way you can be sure of purchasing the authentic Bespoke Cigar brand is to purchase from an authorised dealer or distributer ( we are compiling a list on our website ) – and be sure that the box and cigar ring carry our trademarks. If in doubt please contact our company. Many thanks !