Casdagli Cigars

Bespoke Cigars will be rebranded as Casdagli Cigars

To celebrate our recent growth from a regional to a truly worldwide brand – our cigars can be found from California to Thailand – I wanted  to reunite the Colossus of Rhodes with our family name.
Therefore I took the decision to change our brand name from Bespoke Cigars to Casdagli Cigars.
Thus truly re-establishing the Casdagli name and the values both me and my company stand for: Delivering Luxury, Elegance and Tradition.

All our cigars and boxes will gradually be exhibiting the new Casdagli Cigars brand name but will continue to show the mark of quality – Colossus of Rhodes within the gold diamond.

Jeremy Nicholas Casdagli
Founder & Co-owner of Casdagli Cigars