The Kelner Boutique Factory – The Legacy

Whether you are a novice seeking to partake of the sacred fruit, or a veteran aficionado with a particular palate… it is impossible to ignore the quality of a well made cigar. The history of prestigious cigar lines is well documented, and the reputation of their products is the benchmark against which all other cigars are measured throughout the world.


There are few better ways to learn the cigar trade than to work in the premiere cigar company in the world. Whom better to learn this trade from than one of the world’s acknowledged masters of the art and science of tobacco, Señor Hendrik “Henke” Kelner. However, learning is one thing… acquiring the passion that perfection demands is something altogether different. It’s not simply something one can obtain, it’s handed down from father to son.


This love and attention to detail are part of the rich legacy Hendrik Kelner, Jr., has inherited and is at the heart of every cigar he produces.

In 2012 Hendrik Kelner Jnr opens KBF – The Kelner Boutique Factory. Now being independent of the major cigar brands Kelner embarks on the journey to create his own unique blends.




KBF Wrapper leaves for Bespoke Traditional Line

Kelner has revealed that for the Bespoke traditional  line two different wrappers are being used on the project.

Dominican Cotuí wrapper, a Kelner “family reserve tobacco” grown by Henrik’s sister Monika Kelner for use exclusively at Kelner’s factory in the D.R. , and the Brazilian Cubra leaf .

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KBF Fillers

Only the finest long filler leaves are used in the Bespoke production. These leaves are sourced from only the best plantations throughout the Americas. They  are aged between 2-11 years prior to selection for one of the Bespoke Blends .


2014 the Bespoke Club Mareva Line goes into Production starting with the Bespoke Gran Mareva.


One of the kelner plantations , Santiago Dominican Republic