D’Boiss Club Bespoke – Cigar Club Mareva Tallinn & Whiskey Bar

We are pleased to welcome you into the new cigar lounge in Tallinn Old Town in collaboration with Bespoke Cigars, D’Boiss Club Bespoke and Club Mareva.

Pärnu mnt 12/Suur-Karja 20
Tallinn, Estonia

When you enter this multi-faceted den of decadence you’re greeted by the ambience of piano music, the smell of leather, the visual pleasure of fine men’s apparel and custom Italian footwear. Unlike any other locale in Tallinn, this is a place where a man can truly feel like a man, surrounded by the finer things in life, a huge selection of fine whiskeys as well as other drams of delicious tipple, comfortable seating and the opportunity to while away the time – while not wasting it.
As if that weren’t tempting enough, take your glass of single malt and step into the outwardly inconspicuous cigar lounge with walk-in humidor, settle into one of the cosy leather seats and draw deeply on one of their excellent cigars – or your own. When the shop side of things close for the night, the lights dim a bit, the pool table comes out and the dart boards open up for a bit of unrepentant and simple fun. Just tell the Mrs. you’re being fitted for some new shirts, she’s more than welcome here too though – if she insists 😉