First Riga’s Whiskey & Cigar Festival- Day 2

This day presented a lot of discoveries, tastes as well as meetings and lots of fun! First was tasting of Chivas whiskey in Olivia restaurant followed by lecture about the beginning of Davidoff cigars, which was held by Willy Alvero – one of the friends of Riga’s Cigar Club. In the evening there was a gala dinner in the Grand Palace hotel’s restaurant.

Many thanks to Mahesh P. Ramnani, who organized an exciting raffle for charity. By luck our friends from Petrograd Cigar Club “Horse Power” won several prizes out of it also.

Special attention should be paid to the music atmosphere of the evening. Music and songs were prefomed by the popular Latvian singer, who participate in Eurovicsion Grislinsha Ivo (Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis) and was just brilliant.

The atmosphere of the evening was gorgeous and very warm and friendly. There is no doubt that the members of the Whisky and Cigar Riga Festival take only positive emotions that remain in memory for a long time!