USA and the Tony Sorino connection 2001

In 1997 whilst diving and smoking a few “stogies” in Port Royal, Jamaica, Jeremy met a certain Tony Sorino.

It was an interesting meeting as both had just started in the premium cigar business: Jeremy in Cuba and Tony in Nicaragua & Dominican Republic. They both compared notes and promised to keep in touch.

In 2001 Jeremy’s Cuban business partner – Jose Saurez Castro … otherwise known as “Pepe”… moved to Dominican Republic to work for the cigar business in Santo Domingo.

Pepe got in touch with some Dominican producers and they offered to put into production the same vitolas Bespoke Cigars had been making in Cuba – but this time with a blend of tobacco from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil and Peru. The blend was to be mild but full body to emulate the original Hoyo blends. Tony Sorino came on board and agreed to import small quantities from 2002-2006.

Both Jeremy & Tony drifted a part whilst Bespoke Cigars concentrated on it’s Saudi business. They were reunited when their mutual friend Omar Gonzalez Aleman referred them to each other again in 2015.

Jeremy had originally met Omar in Havana in 2001. Omar had left Cuba in 2004 and eventually became the master blender at Sorino cigars.

Reunited with Tony Sorino at „The Clayton“, Chicago 2017