Upgrade of Bespoke logo

Due to the rapid growth of our brand and the interest shown in the Casdagli family story, and Villa Casdagli in particular, we have taken the decision to update our brand logo.

The Bespoke brand is of course still represented by the traditional  family trading symbol  “The colossus of Rhodes” but he will now be shown with a shield adorned with a Double Headed Goose. This is a symbol that can be seen decorating the main hall of the luxurious Dubara Palace that became the residence of the Casdagli family in the early 1900s. The Goose appears as a symbol due to the fact that the Casdagli family name is derived from this seabird – see below an extract from the recently published family book *

This new logo will be introduced this summer and will adorn the new Traditional line  boxes being launched in August.

                        Bespoke cigars delivering Luxury, Elegance & Tradition 

*The Casdagli Name
The Casdagli family’s geographical origins are pinpointed by their Turkish surname, which derives from Kaz Dagi – a mountain massif some twenty miles south-east of Truva (the site of ancient Troy), facing the Gulf of Edremit, the nearby Greek island of Lesbos and the Aegean Sea. The literal meaning of Kaz Dagi is “Goose Mountain” ; the name Casdagli means more precisely “of Goose Mountain” or “Goose Mountaineer.



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